The Annual/Interim Recertification Process

In addition to updating SAHA with changes as they occur throughout the year, families must complete a recertification of income and family composition biennially or triennially (if family is on a fixed income). Families receiving assistance through a special program will be recertified annually. The purpose of the recertification is to ensure that assisted families are still eligible to continue the HCV program, to recalculate the family's and SAHA's payments for the unit, and to determine if the unit continues to meet Housing Quality Standards.

Annual Recertification
SAHA will mail the family a notice of recertification with a recertification packet 120 days prior to the family's recertification date. The packet will include forms that are required for SAHA to process the recertification and instructions on how to complete the packet. The packet must be completed by all parties indicated in the instructions and mailed back to the SAHA by the due date noted in the notice of recertification. A postage-paid envelope will be provided in which the completed packet may be mailed.

Once the recertification packet has been reviewed and the information you provided is verified, your portion of the rent and the amount of rental assistance SAHA will provide will be recalculated, if necessary.

If adding a new family member to the unit causes overcrowding, SAHA must issue a new voucher and the family must try to find an acceptable unit as soon as possible.

Reporting Changes/Interim Reexaminations
All changes in family composition and all decreases in income must be reported within 10 business days of the change. Zero-Income families and participants of the Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program must report all changes in income (increases and decreases) within 10 business days of the change. Do not wait until your recertification appointment to report these changes. You can find all forms required to report changes in income/family composition online under Forms & Packets.

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The addition of a family member as a result of birth, adoption, or court-awarded custody does not require SAHA approval. However, the family is required to send written notification to SAHA within 10 business days of the change.

The addition of a new family member, live-in aide, foster child or foster adult requires SAHA approval. This includes any person not on the lease who is expected to stay in the unit for more than 30 consecutive days or 60 cumulative days within a 12-month period. SAHA will not approve the individual unless the individual meets SAHA’s eligibility criteria.

If adding a new family member to the unit causes overcrowding in the unit, SAHA must issue the family a new voucher and the family must try to find an acceptable unit as soon as possible.

Participants in the HCV program should also notify SAHA in the event of the departure of a household member from the unit or a family break-up due to divorce or legal separation within 10 business days.