As a public housing authority, SAHA is bound by Federal and State laws. The Purchasing Department operates in accordance with these laws as follows:

Small Purchases
Purchases in an aggregate of up to $2,000 and $50,000 require an informal solicitation. The purchasing staff will issue a scope of work or list of items required and will solicit a minimum of three written quotes.

Formal Solicitation
Purchases in an aggregate of $50,000 or more require a formal Invitation for Bids Request for Proposals, or Request for Qualifications. These solicitations will be advertised in local papers and posted on SAHA's website and at http://nahro.economicengine.com  
or publicpurchase.com

SAHA's Procurement Department is responsible for all of the agency's procurement activities. It purchases goods and services, implements procurement guidelines, solicits bids, initiates requests for proposals, issues purchase orders, and establishes contracts for construction, maintenance, consultant and professional services.

SAHA encourages the participation of Minority Owned Enterprises (MBE), Women Owned Enterprises (WBE), Small Business Enterprises (SBE), Veteran Owned Enterprises (VOE), Section 3 Businesses (Sec 3), Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) and Resident Owned Businesses (ROB).

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