Thirty (30) years after the U.S. Housing Act of 1937, which created government-funded housing for temporarily financially disadvantaged families, Congress recognized and acknowledged the need to allow families residing in these homes the opportunity to voice their concerns, needs, and interests in the areas of Management, Maintenance, Modernization, Safety and Security.

As a result, in 1967, Congress passed a law giving residents a vehicle by which they could express these concerns to Public Housing Authority (PHA) officials. This vehicle came in the form of the creation of resident organizations. Thus, in a March 22, 1968 Notice, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) mandated PHAs to allow residents to organize themselves in order to address issues directly impacting them and their communities. Subsequently, on January 23, 1970, the Board of Commissioners of the San Antonio Housing Authority unanimously adopted Resolution 1812, which created Resident Associations, now called Resident Councils.

Resident Council members are voted into office by their fellow residents, to represent their interests and to serve as leaders in their community. Resident Council members work to:

  1. Improve the quality of life and resident satisfaction, and participate in self-help initiatives to enable residents to create a positive living environment;
  2. Serve as a promoter of programs and activities that address the needs, concerns, and aspirations of residents; and 
  3. Assist residents to empower themselves and better their lives.

There are currently 20 Resident Councils: 


  • Blanco
  • Cisneros
  • College Park
  • Fair Avenue
  • Jewitt
  • Lewis Chatham
  • Lilia Cockrell
  • OP Schnabel
  • Parkview
  • SunPark
  • Victoria Plaza
  • Villa Tranchese



  • Alazan
  • Cassiano
  • Charles Andrews
  • Cheryl West
  • Francis Furey
  • Lincoln Heights Courts
  • Pin Oak II
  • Sprinngview
  • Westway



  • Vary from property to property and whether they are elderly vs. family
    • Nutrition
    • Fund raising
    • Bingos
    • Yard sales
    • Holiday luncheons/dances
    • National Night Out
    • Back to School





    • Resident Council Training: May 21, 2014



FY 2014 Goals

  • Increase Resident Councils by 10%
  • Host quarterly training sessions
  • Develop leadership training program and combine with Resident Ambassadors and Community Health Workers