All SAHA residents must complete a recertification to determine each family’s continued eligibility for housing under HUD/SAHA guidelines to include appropriate unit size, monthly rent, family income and household composition.

The re-certification process can be primarily handled by the property office staff for your community. Under certain circumstances, home visits may be scheduled.

Biennial Recertifications

  • Biennial Recertifications - All residents (family, elderly and disabled residents) will need to re-certify their eligibility every two years. Every family has the option of completing an interim recertification at any time, if there is a change in family composition, reduction in income or an increase in medical expenses. Recertifying every two years reduces inconvenience to residents and increases operational efficiency.

Up-Front Income Verification (UIV)
SAHA utilizes the Up-Front Income Verification (UIV) system to validate income information reported by participants in both the Public Housing and Section 8 programs. The UIV system electronically utilizes independent sources, such as those maintained by the Social Security Administration, state wage information collection agencies and private vendors, to confirm income figures provided by families when they apply for the program and during the recertification process. Knowingly under reporting income may result in the assessment of back charges, termination of assistance and/or prosecution through the District Attorney’s office.

Changes of Income and/or Family Composition
All changes in family income, composition or status must be reported to your community's property manager within 10 calendar days of occurrence. Failure to report changes can result in retroactive rent increases or lease terminations. Additional household members may not be allowed to move-in until they are approved by SAHA.

Resident Obligations
All adult household members must attend re-certification appointments and sign necessary forms required by SAHA/HUD. All adult family members must:

  • Provide proof of income
  • Meet the HUD requirements on citizenship or immigration status
  • Provide their Social Security card, or application for a Social Security number, for household members ages 6 and older
  • Not owe SAHA monies from either the Public Housing or Section 8 Voucher Program
  • Not have had a lease terminated by SAHA in the past 12 months