Rent is due on the first working day of each month to the San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA). SAHA has rules regarding late payments and non-payment of rent. These rules are in your resident handbook and lease.

Paying rent can be as simple as writing a check or money order and sending it in a postage paid envelope that comes withyourrent statement. Be sure to include the bottom portion of your rent statement in the envelope. SAHA prefers that residents use this method so that staff has time for other duties, such as improving services at your site.

Residents may pay rent directly at property offices, at Ace Check Express locations, online with JetPay, or by mailing the self-addressed, stamped envelope included with the monthly rent statement. For questions on payment methods, please contact Public Housing Customer Service at 210.477.6706 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For most of these options, residents will need their tenant identification number, bank ABA routing number, and bank account number. Residents only need their banking info for JetPay.

NOTE: Be advised that there will be a $2.00 flat fee charged when using Ace Check Express (Through Bill Payment) or a $0.90 processing fee that will be charged to the tenant by the JetPay. Other fees may apply.

If making a payment by JetPay (formerly Collector Solutions), please be advised that after 2 declined payments out of the same account, the system will not process or accept any payments from that account going forward. Users will need to enter a different account to make their payment or utilize one of the other payment options available.

Residents also have the option of setting up Automatic Debit for paying their rent. While the account holder remains responsible for assuring that adequate funds are available in the account, there is no longer a need to remember due dates and write checks. This Automatic Debit from a residents’ bank account is processed by the bank and is a safe, secure payment option. An Auto Debit is a transaction that electronically takes money out of one bank account and transfers it to another, on a mutually agreed upon regularly occurring date. This process eliminates the need to write paper checks, replacing the traditional financial instrument with an electronic instrument that is fully automated. When an ACH Auto debit is initiated, funds will be taken on the scheduled date from the origin account (resident’s account) and transferred to the appropriate vendor (Frost Bank) without the origin account holder taking any additional action. The account holder is also responsible for updating the forms if there are any changes to their bank or rent.


Per your lease agreement, your full rental payment is due on the first of each month.

Effective Sept. 1, 2019 residents failing to pay rent on time will be charged an initial late fee of $30.00. Residents who still have not paid their rent in full after 15 calendar days will be charged an additional $20.00 late fee, for a total not to exceed $50.00 in monthly late fees.

This change represents an increase from the previous one-time fee of $15.00. Please note, in order to avoid increased late fees that take effect next month, your rent must be paid in full by 5 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 9, 2019. This date represents the final day of the grace period granted by SAHA for timely rent payment in September.

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