Sustainable employment is the foundation of economic self-sufficiency. SAHA works continuously to identify training and employment opportunities that provide a living wage.

SAHA’s partnership with Alamo Workforce Solutions identifies in-demand occupations, as well as employers willing to provide training or educational assistance. To date, this partnership has trained over 235 residents for high-demand job fields.

Jobs-Plus Program
The Jobs-Plus program is designed to raise and sustain the level of employment and earnings among residents of two public housing developments. Jobs-Plus program services are tailored to residents’ individual needs, and draw from a menu of on-site and referral services. For unemployed residents, the Jobs-Plus staff helps residents identify their short and long-term employment goals and assist them in accomplishing their stated ambitions.

Jobs-Plus has three driving components that are designed to assist residents in gaining and maintaining successful employment:

  • Providing members with employment related services
  • Providing members community support to assist in maintaining employment
  • Providing financial incentives that promote continue employment for low-income individuals

The Jobs Plus services are currently available at Alazan Apache Courts and Mirasol Homes Apartments, located on the Westside of San Antonio.

Some of the program successes include:

  • Participation with Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and SaveUSA at Alazan and Mirasol Homes, 
  • Forklift class curriculum is now a J.J. Keller training program, 
  • First Jobs-Plus Member Recognition Day on March 25, 2012, 
  • AVON provided on site recruitment with interviews, 
  • SAHA Board of Commissioners recognized Waste Management and Raba-Kistner as valued collaborating partners, 
  • Community Coaches became temporary part-time SAHA employees, 
  • Jobs-Plus established two computer labs and acquired 18 computers for resident use, 
  • Partnered with Consumer Credit Counseling of Greater San Antonio to provide the MoneyWise financial literacy program at Alazan and Mirasol Homes.

For more information on the Jobs-Plus program, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Who qualifies as Section 3 residents?

  • Public housing residents or Section 8 resident; or
  • Persons who live in Bexar County and who have a household income that falls below HUD income limits.

 The Section 3 Individual household income must meet the income criteria by household size:

FY 2015 80% AMI - Income Limits (Household Size)













Individuals who qualify for Section 3 are enrolled in the Section 3 Employment Referral Program. The Employment Referral Program coordinates job needs from private vendors in which there is a Section 3 employment preference. Individuals in the Section 3 Employment Referral Program  are then referred to hiring managers. Section 3 individuals receive a preference for these job opportunities as well as employment opportunities with SAHA. Individuals verified as Section 3 eligible also have access to free training programs offered by SAHA and its contractors. For individuals wishing to participate in the Section 3 Employment Referral Program, you may complete the form online or download the application below. 

Section 3 Individual Verification Form

For current employment opportunities with SAHA, click hereFor Section 3 employment opportunities with our contractors, click here (PDF).


If you have an interest in SAHA’s Section 3 Program, please e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.