Safety is a priority! All residents are encouraged to get involved in their communities. Get to know your neighbors and the staff at your complex. Be aware of your surroundings, contact property managers of maintenance and security issues, and report suspicious activity in playgrounds and/or parking lots.

For all emergencies, call 911.
SAPD is the first responder. Call 911 for all emergencies.

For non-emergency questions and concerns:
Dial 311 for non-emergency questions, comments, and concerns, including to report stray dogs, trash, pot holes, abandoned property, etc. Call (210) 207-7484 or (210) 207-7273 (207-SAPD) to reach SAPD for non-emergency issues. To contact SAHA with non-emergency questions, send a message to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Get to Know Your Neighbors
Take advantage of National Night Out to greet your neighbors, whether they're long-time residents or just moved in. Make it a year-round habit to check in with each other. Get involved in a neighborhood association, neighborhood watch program, Cellular On Patrol program or Block Watch.

Report Suspicious Activity
Notify managers, staff, police, and/or courtesy officers of any suspicious activity, possible drug/gang graffiti, or security lights out in the complex.

Get to Know Your SAFFE Officer
The San Antonio Fear Free Environment (SAFFE) unit is assigned to work specific neighborhoods within the city, and work closely with both residents and district officers. SAFFE officers maintain day-to-day interaction, in order to prevent crimes before they happen. They also work with other city agencies, schools and youth programs, and work to prevent neighborhood crime and decay. Call (210) 207-SAPD (7484) for the SAFFE officer that works in your area.

Programs offered by the SAFFE Units are:

Special Crime Prevention Programs

Programs for Citizen Participation

Crime Prevention Specialists:

Cellular On Patrol

Contact substation for your area

Contact Substation in your area

McGruff (Crime Fighting Dog)

Citizen Police Academy

Contact substation for your area


National Night Out:

Volunteers in Policing

207-8927 or 207-7386




Programs for students and youth:

Police Explorers:


Contact substation for your area


Community School Services:


Contact substation for your area


GREAT (Gang and Drug Resistance Program):




SAFFE officers are assigned to each of the following service area Substations:

Central SAFFE: 207-7413

East SAFFE: 207-7566

North SAFFE: 207-8350

Prue SAFFE: 207-7169

South SAFFE: 207-8964

West SAFFE: 207-7421