Why we are planting an Orchard:
The San Antonio Housing Authority has received a grant to install a small fruit orchard, on the East-side of San Antonio, at the SpringView Townhome Community, located at 722 South Rio Grande. The orchard grant will provide 100 fruit trees for the community to enjoy for generations to come. The orchard will help increase food security on the East-side of San Antonio. This is the beginning of many projects that SAHA is planning within the next few years to increase healthy food options to very low income populations in the housing authority.


The Orchard  location, is around 4 blocks North of St. Phillips College. The property is just outside of the Choice Neighborhood, but food security needs to be increased in every low income neighborhood in San Antonio. Hopefully with time and education we can be the first Metropolitan City that has the most complete food security network. (Just a dream) .


SAHA is planning two volunteer days, the first volunteer day is set for April 27, to prep the areas for tree installation, and on May 4, to install the fruit trees and provide community education on how to maintain fruit trees, provided by the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. SAHA is requesting your help and support on this great initiative to increase food security on the East-side. Please contact me if you are able to assist.