Jobs Plus

The Jobs Plus program is designed to raise and sustain the level of employment and earnings among residents of Cassiano Homes on the west side of San Antonio. Jobs Plus program services are tailored to residents’ individual needs, and draw from a menu of on-site and referral services. Jobs Plus staff help residents identify their short and long-term employment and financial goals and assist them in accomplishing their stated ambitions.

The Jobs Plus program rests on three pillars designed to assist residents in achieving and retaining successful employment:

+ Employment related services

+ Community support for work

+ Financial incentives promoting continuous employment and motivation for accomplishing significant financial goals such as home ownership

Program highlights include:

+ Seventy five organizations have partnered with the Jobs Plus program in an effort to provide on site services to residents of Cassiano Homes

+ Extensive network of employers who have provided life changing employment opportunities to residents of Cassiano Homes

+ Referrals to community partners for education and job training opportunities

+ Annual Back-to-School events to assist the youth of Cassiano Homes with much needed school supplies

+ Intensive case management services

+ Annual graduation ceremony recognizing educational accomplishments of residents

+ Support services available upon request (childcare, transportation, work-related expenses, etc.)

+ Earned Income Disregard upon obtained employment

For more information on the Jobs Plus program, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..