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SAHA has kicked off its annual Moving to Work (MTW) planning process.  Now through April 2013, SAHA will host a variety of meetings to update its MTW Plan, which describes the innovative projects that the Agency and its partners will undertake in the coming years.
The MTW Plan provides a unique opportunity to try new approaches to address challenges.  SAHA is one of only 34 housing authorities across the country designated as MTW agencies.  This select group is characterized by a commitment to test and implement new ideas that increase resident self-sufficiency, reduce costs, and increase housing choices.

Innovation can take any form – examples include closer partnerships with local government and non-profits to provide better housing options for veterans, foster youth, or victims of domestic violence. Housing authorities have also been able to create a deeper network of education and employment training programs to improve residents’ work prospects.   MTW can also spur innovative construction approaches, allowing for highly sustainable buildings that generate their own power and reduce utility costs for residents.

The MTW planning process is supported by an Advisory Board that meets monthly from November 2012 through February 2013.  Meetings with staff, public housing residents, Section 8 voucher holders and landlords are also scheduled during that time period.  The process encourages discussions of a wide range of options, as well as an assessment of the projects that are feasible and that will have the largest impact on the agency and its customers. 

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