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    Moving to Work


Moving to Work (MTW) is a demonstration program that offers public housing authorities (PHAs) the opportunity to design and test innovative, locally designed housing and self sufficiency strategies for low-income families by allowing exemptions from existing public housing and tenant-based Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) rules. The program also permits PHAs to combine operating, capital and tenant-based assistance funds into a single agency-wide funding source as approved by HUD.

The Purpose of the MTW program are to give PHAs and HUD the flexibility to design and test various approaches for providing and administering housing assistance that accomplish three main goals:

  • Reduce cost and achieve greater costs effectiveness in Federal expenditures;
  • Give incentives to families with children where the head of household is working, is seeking work, or is preparing for work by participating in job training, educational programs, or programs that assist people to obtain employment and become economically self-sufficient; and
  • Increase housing choices for low income families.

Through the MTW program, SAHA aims to accomplish the following goals:

  • Operational efficiency through innovation – Maximizing SAHA’s economic viability and sustainability
  • Self-Sufficiency – Facilitating opportunities for families and individuals tobecome self-sufficient and financially independent to transition from  dependency on housing subsidy
  • Expand housing opportunities through repositioned assets – Providing quality affordable housing opportunities in mixed-income communities with access to excellent quality of life services

Operational Efficiency Through Innovation - One of the key benefits of participating in MTW is regulatory relief that allows SAHA to streamline its business processes to operate more cost-effectively and efficiently. SAHA will maximize this flexibility and implement innovative business solutions, amend policies, and redesign processes and procedures that will reduce administrative complexity, costs and staff time. MTW activities implemented under the goal of operational efficiency and innovation will improve staff morale, reduce program fraud, increase accuracy, and make the program more understandable to the community and clients.

Promote Self-Sufficiency - Building on the success of its affordable housing programs and increased flexibility provided through the MTW demonstration, SAHA will develop strategies to increase family self-sufficiency.

Expand Housing Opportunities through Repositioned Assets - Creating quality housing choice for low-income families is a top priority for SAHA. Through its proposed plan the agency will reposition assets in order to better serve the community.


MTW Final Report 2010-2011

HUD approved 2011-2012 MTW Plan

2010-2011 MTW Annual Plan Amended

Revised SAHA MTW Annual Plan 2010-11

MTW 2010-2011 Plan