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The San Antonio Housing Authority’s (SAHA) Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List is open.
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This preference shall be given to residents of a Public Housing development that has received HUD approval for demolition or disposition.  To be eligible for this preference residents had to be residing in the public housing unit on the date HUD approval is received.

“Extended to families that are involuntarily displaced by:  Natural disaster (fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake, etc), as verified by local, state, or federal authorities within the last 6 months; PHA action (emergency relocation, demolition, sale of property, extensive rehabilitation, etc);  PHA owned, operated housing development and SAHA/HUD sells, forecloses or demolishes the project (to include major renovations/modernization, property acquisition or other action of the PHA); PHA sponsored housing programs, (Moderate Rehabilitation Program, Shelter Plus Care, Housing Choice Voucher Program, Homeownership Program, 5H Homeownership Program, and the Section 32 Homeownership Program) to meet specific housing needs (i.e. bedroom size, reasonable accommodation, or to satisfy legal judgments).  The following are acceptable forms of verification:
■  Letter from a local, state or federal authority verifying the natural disaster; that the residence is uninhabitable; and date of disaster must be included in the letter; or
■  Letter from the PHA displacing the family.

“Preference given to: 1) 5H Mirasol/Springview Homeownership Program participants (as of August 3, 2007) who choose to relocate due to non-purchase of the lease purchase residence; and 5H Mirasol/Springview Homeownership Program homeowners, lease-purchase participants and Mirasol target site renters (as of August 3, 2007), who choose to relocate due to health or construction concerns.”  The following is an acceptable form of verification:
■  Letter/verification from the PHA.

The Homeless Services Voucher (HSV) Program
The Homeless Services Voucher (HSV) program provides rental voucher assistance to homeless individuals, through a collaborative referral process. Haven for Hope refers applicants to the City of San Antonio after they have resided on the Haven for Hope campus for 30 days. The City of San Antonio then screens the applicants to ensure they have met all criteria and then forwards the application packets to SAHA. Eligible applicants are then placed on SAHA’s waiting list. Upon selection from the waiting list, based on HUD and SAHA guidelines, the applicant is notified by mail to schedule an eligibility appointment. A total of 400 vouchers have been allotted for the HSV program, and 295 individuals are currently being assisted. Individuals interested in the program should contact a Haven for Hope Intake Representative at 210-220-2100.

Hours: Mon-Fri. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
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